Friday, 17 March 2017

I love camp

The  year 5 and year 6    went  to  camp  we  get  to  gow  to the pools  and  to  hav  a shawu  and to  simmi  .

Camp  was   last week at pt england  school  on  the  field.

Camp  is a ples and kids came to  hav fan  we get to sip in  a  tenst it is fun and  I love  it.

Thank  you   to  mr  burt   and  the  hawpas  we  ol  get  to hav fun at   Camp  it was coll.

Miss  Scanlan   sed dat I was brave and I was  not scared   I  was  sow  brave and I was  hapy  b ycas  I was  strong.

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  1. Well done Faga. I am so proud of you for posting your camp story on your blog. You are getting so much better at blogging and you writing is getting so much better. Keep up the hard work.
    From Miss Scanlan :)