Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My weekend.

in the weekend  Saturday and  Sunday   I love Saturday  me and my famal   gir to gow to the swimming pools  and tin  we  gow  to the  rebosb  and  sunday.  is the day I go church  I  love  church  it is good.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

The love generation

Yesterday Pt  England   went   to  the    ManaIakalani  it  was a  lot  of fun  room 13 was weting  for  the love ginresn  we waited  and  we wait and then  it was love genrhn  we love it  but we did’t  wat to gow  class   we  wat  to sey  it was  luvly.  Cot  gow to  seep I wih dat ithapin a gen .

My  favourite  is the room 13 it was the bet wun of the wrd I love it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Fireworks is cool.

In the  weenkend   my   sibling hi was   hoding  the  fireworks   in the air  I did it as  wal  I  love it  and  then  we  got tayrt   we went  to sleep we had  7  mor   we couldn’t  get   sam sleep  it  went bam  boom!  We tried.  To  pot  the  pillow  on our  head  and  then   I  went to the  window  I   said  stop  doing  the fireworks  I love it but it is to noisy  I  cut seep ok   I  hop  you  enjoy    my  writing    Mrs Burt  and miss king.I love fireworks .