Thursday, 10 November 2016

The love generation

Yesterday Pt  England   went   to  the    ManaIakalani  it  was a  lot  of fun  room 13 was weting  for  the love ginresn  we waited  and  we wait and then  it was love genrhn  we love it  but we did’t  wat to gow  class   we  wat  to sey  it was  luvly.  Cot  gow to  seep I wih dat ithapin a gen .

My  favourite  is the room 13 it was the bet wun of the wrd I love it.


  1. Well done for posting on your blog today Faga. I'm so happy that you have posted twice this week! You have been working very hard on sounding out all of your words.

  2. Hi Faga,
    I love your post about the maniakalani Festival. Your are right it was the best song and video. Make sure to check your spelling and then you'll be great, keep up the good work and the blog posting.
    From Paige